Erlyn’s Baby

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Erlyn's Baby

Erlyn is a 19 year old girl who became pregnant and wished to keep her baby.  At 6 months pregnant, through an ultr-sound, she found out the baby had Gastroschisis, a condition where the baby’s intestines extend outside of the baby’s body in utero. This is a life threatening disease in which the baby would have to have at least two surgeries immediately upon delivery.  Erlyn had complications and her baby had to be delivered at 7 months.  The baby, who is now named Dylan, was immediately taken into surgery after he was born to correct the situation.  Another surgery followed within two weeks.  Dylan spent a month in the ICU in Belize City. Erlyn works in a little market in the village of Las Flores and she does not have health insurance.  She traveled to Belize City as often as she could.  Little Dylan is doing fine now, but unfortunately Erlyn is left with a major hospital bill in the amount of $5,000 BZ or $2,500 US.  In the U.S. the same surgery costs approximately $10,000.  We have already raised $1,325 U.S. to help pay her medical bills.  We are still in need of raising $1,175 to pay off the remainder of the bill at the hospital.  Please donate below if you are willing to help Erlyn pay her medical bills.

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