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Medical Help

Pedro Juan's Cataract Surgery

Pedro Juan is a 66 year old farmer in the village of Armenia.  He was going blind from cataracts that had been untreated for many years.  He recently had cataract surgery in both eyes and does not have health insurance to pay for his surgery.  He is in need of only $250 to be able to pay for his surgery.  Please consider helping him by donating

Medical Help

Wendy Hernandez Eye Surgery

Wendy Hernandez is a 32 year old young lady in the village of Las Flores, who just recently had surgery on her eyes to prevent progressive loss of vision.  Her family raised some of the funds to cover the expenses, but are still in need of $750.  You can help her to pay for part of or for the remaining medical expenses by donating.

Medical Help

Margarito Madrid's Surgery

Margarito, originally from El Salvador, was one of the first settlers in the Village of Las Flores during the Christian persecution.  His family saw lots of blood shed there including the brutal murders of his sister and her five children, before he was able to flee the country with his family.

Margarito has been a farmer all his life, but to supplement his income he worked as a security guard at a local variety store in Belmopan. He recently retired from there and built his own little vegetable market in front of his house.  He started having medical (prostate) issues about 6 months ago and recently had surgery to ease the pain he had been having.  Consequently, the surgery was very expensive, and being a farmer most of his life, he did not have health insurance.  He has set up a payment plan at the hospital and desperately needs help to pay for the surgery, as he had to close his market recently due to his health issues.

Medical Help

Iris Alvarado's Surgery

Iris Alvarado lives in the village of Las Flores.  She is 28 years old and has three children.  She became ill last August.  The doctors discovered that one of her kidneys were not functioning. At that time, she had surgery to place a stint in her kidney.  The surgery was unsuccessful and her latest ultrasound showed that her kidney needs to be removed due to infection. Iris’ husband is a taxi driver and the family does not have the funds to pay for the surgery.  The estimate for the surgery is approximately $1933.  Please consider helping us pay for Iris’s surgery that is scheduled for April 19, 2023.  

Medical Help

Mrs. Lilian's Health

Ms. Lilian is a lovely lady in the Village of Las Flores. She currently has some Kidney health concerns and she is working hard to get the help she needs. Ms. Lilian makes and sells Tamales in efforts to raise enough money for her medical attention. Her goal is to get enough money to travel to El Salvador for the medical procedures she needs. We can help Ms. Lilian get the Health Care she deserves. Watch the video below to get to know her better!

Medical Help

Erlyn's Baby

Erlyn is a 19 year old girl who became pregnant and wished to keep her baby.  At 6 months pregnant, through an ultra-sound, she found out the baby had Gastroschisis, a condition where the baby’s intestines extend outside of the baby’s body in utero. This is a life threatening disease in which the baby would have to have at least two surgeries immediately upon delivery.  Erlyn had complications and her baby had to be delivered at 7 months.  The baby, who is now named Dylan, was immediately taken into surgery after he was born to correct the situation.  Another surgery followed within two weeks.  Dylan spent a month in the ICU in Belize City. Erlyn works in a little market in the village of Las Flores and she does not have health insurance.  She traveled to Belize City as often as she could.  Little Dylan is doing fine now, but unfortunately Erlyn is left with a major hospital bill in the amount of $5,000 BZ or $2,500 US.  In the U.S. the same surgery costs approximately $10,000.  We have already raised $1,325 U.S. to help pay her medical bills.  We are still in need of raising $1,175 to pay off the remainder of the bill at the hospital.  Please donate below if you are willing to help Erlyn pay her medical bills.