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Home Construction for Despesario and Manuela

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Home Construction for Despesario and Manuela

Despesario 67 years old and Manuela who is 69, are married and have been together for 18 years.

He grows vegetables and rides his bike 3 miles one way to the market to sell them for a living. The two of them met where Manuela was making tortillas. Despesario is from Honduras and Manuela is from Guatamala. Right now they live in a small house that they rent. They own some land in Salvopan and Despesario’s dream is to own his own home on his land. He is a kind and gentle man and is very caring of Manuela, who is a diabetic along with some other health issues.

We are currently raising funds to build a 14 x 18, two room home on his property. This will be the first home he has ever owned. The estimate for this home is $8,000. Please help us provide a dream home for Manuela and Despesario.

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