Home Construction for Jolee and Family

Home Construction for Jolee and Family

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Home Construction for Jolee and Family

Jolee and her three children live on the top of a mountain in Armenia, Cayo District.

One of her sons suffers from epilepsy. Jolee and her family do not have running water or electric. She collects water in blue barrels outside their one room house. The bathroom is some distance from the house and is constructed of blankets (for privacy), sticks and metal.

Jolee cooks over an open fire, with food that is mostly donated to her. She is a hard worker and when she can she cleans homes to make enough money to buy food and medicine for her family.

We are currently in the process of raising funds to build or purchase a home for Jolee and her family that will have running water and electricity and that is down in the village instead of being on top of the mountain, which is unattainable by car. You can help by donating to this cause today.

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