Carmen and Illiana - Home Renovation

Home Renovation for Carmen and Illiana

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Home Renovation for Carmen and Illiana

This is Illiana who has been handicapped since birth. She lives in the Village of Las Flores with her mother Carmen.

When we first saw their home, it did not have any windows or a door. The floor was made of mud and rocks. There were huge gaps in the walls where you could see outside and above the roof.

We are currently renovating their home and you can see in the pictures the before and after of the room they used to sleep in. Now they have windows and doors and a new concrete floor. Soon we hope to have enough funds to finish a small bathroom for them.

With your help they can continue to have not only a safe place to live, but also even the necessities which we enjoy in the U.S. Please consider a donation today to provide a safe place for them to live.

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