Margarito Madrid’s Medical Procedure

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Margarito Madrid's Surgery

Margarito, originally from El Salvador, was one of the first settlers in the Village of Las Flores during the Christian persecution.  His family saw lots of blood shed there including the brutal murders of his sister and her five children, before he was able to flee the country with his family.

He now lives in Las Flores and has 10 children.  His beloved wife Carmen died of cancer in 2012.  Margarito has been a farmer all his life, but to supplement his income he worked as a security guard at a local variety store in Belmopan. He recently retired from there and built his own little vegetable market in front of his house.  He started having medical (prostate) issues about 6 months ago and recently had surgery to ease the pain he had been having.  Consequently, the surgery was very expensive, and being a farmer most of his life, he did not have health insurance.  He has set up a payment plan at the hospital and desperately needs help to pay for the surgery, as he had to close his market recently due to his health issues.

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