Maria Vargas’ Urgent Need

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Maria Vargas' Urgent Need

Meet Maria Vargas from Las Flores, Her home was in bad shape to begin with, but when Hurricane Lisa hit the village in November 2022, her home sustained a lot of damage.  Part of her roof blew off, which we fixed temporarily. The structure itself we were able to also fix with some temporary 2 x 4 beams.  Besides the roof damage, the floor is rock and mud with old linoleum over top of it.  There are gaps between the wood walls throughout her home and the roof leaks.

Maria has property on which we can build and a septic system already, although she does not have an indoor toilet.  Maria’s mother is recovering from cancer, whom she helps take care of, along with a sister who has been handicapped since birth.  Approximate cost for this small 20 x 16 home build will be $11,000.  Will you please help Maria get into a safe place to live by donating using the button below.

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