Natalia and Miriam’s Roof Project

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Natalia and Miriam’s Roof Project

Natalia and her daughter Miriam live together in Las Flores.  Natalia was married for 45 years before her husband died 22 years ago.  They had 13 children together, but only three of those children are living. One child died at 23 years old in a car accident and the other 9 died when they were born.  Miriam is one of the three children still living and she takes care of her mom Natalia, who is bed ridden now for 6 years from a disease that has crippled her hands, feet and legs.  She has to be spoon fed and can never leave her bed.  Miriam is married for 45 years and has 4 grown children.  Natalia and Miriam are in need of a roof repair.  You can see in the pictures that the wood in the roof was not treated and is infested with termites.  The roof is unsafe, and we are asking for help to replace the bad wood with a steel frame.  The estimate for the roof repair is $2,500 U.S.  Will you please consider helping us replace the roof for Natalia and Miriam.  Please donate below.

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