Peter Chun and Family Home Construction

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Peter Chun and Family Home Construction

Peter and his mom Antonia live in the village of Las Flores. Peter’s dad died when he was in High School, so he became the sole breadwinner in his family.  He worked in security at the Belize International Airport until he became seriously ill in 2018.  The disease affected his liver, his eyesight and his ability to walk for a while.  His sister Silvia had to quit her job to take care of Peter and his mom, who is deaf.  Peter’s family is from Mayan decent.  He is on medication now and is slowly getting better.  Peter has been walking to try to seek a light duty job so that he can help with his medication and food, but has not been successful in getting anyone to hire him as of yet.  He is a very humble person and takes care of his mom as much as he is able.  They are in desperate need of a home.  Please see the video below/above for more details and to see their current living conditions.  The estimate for a small house for them will be approximately $12,500 U.S. dollars.  Will you please consider a donation to help us reach our goal of providing them a safe home.

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