Roni Ramirez House Build Project

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Roni and Meldra Family Home

Meet Roni and Meldra Ramirez who live in Belize.  They have three children,  Jasmine who is 2 months old, Claudia who is 5 years old and Daniel who is 8 years old.  They are from Guatamala and have lived in Belize for 8 years.  Roni is a hard worker, and to provide for his family he works in a factory that makes concrete blocks in the village of Spanish Lookout.  They do not have a home of their own, and all 5 of them live in one room of his parents’ house.  Even though Roni has a job, in Belize it is typical to only make enough money to just “get by”.  In other words, to buy food and the basic necessities. They are seeking assistance to build a home on their parents’ property.  The cost of the home is approximately $15,000.  We currently have $10,000 towards this project, so we only need $5,000 to build a home for his family to live in.  

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