Cindy Jean Rhonemus

Cindy Jean Rhonemus


27 years experience as a chief fiscal officer for non-profit educational institutions. Retired and now residing in Alabama went on her first Mission trip to Haiti in 1998. It was there that she became aware of the devastating poverty that people endure in developing and third world countries. During the last 14 years of her career, she was the CFO of the poorest school district in the State of Ohio. She saw lots of poverty, and advocated for children and families in need, but nothing like what she saw in these countries. Once retired she has been determined and committed to make a difference in our world. Since 2015 she and her husband Mark have been volunteering and raising funds to help build homes for the oppressed, economically poor, and marginalized, in Belize, Central America. Her personal mission is to bring joy and hope to the children and families in these rural communities. She has one married son, who lives in Ohio and two grandsons.

Contact Info

Phone : 256-887-3117
Email : contact@sanmiguelarcangelmissions.org